Troy Mendham is a visual artist living and working in Melbourne Australia.

Solo Exhibitions

2016 - The Gucci, Rubicon ARI, Melbourne.
2015 - Future Relic, Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne.
2014 - I wish I could keep liking this and you would get tones of likes BC I just wanna look at this forever!!!!! Fort Delta Melbourne.
2013 - Champion Breed, Seventh, Melbourne.
2012 - We had an ordeal none of us has forgotten, but each of us is still sailing. Nowadays I do my best to keep nature on my side. A Small Space Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2013 - The Story of the Creative Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York.
2012 - Un:sighted (Co-Curator), Fortyfive downstairs, Melbourne.
2011 - From the Neck Up Smart Alec Melbourne.


2011 - Finalist St Michaels Archangel Art Prize Melbourne.
2011 - Winner, drawing category Waverly Art Prize Sydney.


2015 - Drawing Paper #8. United Kingdom.
2012 - Drawing Paper #5. United Kingdom.
2012 - The Age, Your weekend: In the galleries, Dan Rule, Melbourne.








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